How does the tire handle the tire?


With modern production technology, the case of car tires when the tire is running is less and less. However, when the car is tire, it will cause very serious consequences, so you should not ignore the advice below.

Notes on tire testing


Tires are a sensitive part and can cause catastrophic accidents if you do not know how to care and check the tires properly.

Tire and quietness of the car


Suspension hardly affects much of the smoothness of the vehicle, but the tire's design with tire thickness and tire tension is the most powerful impact on the feeling.

Technology tire failure warning


Researchers at Purdue University - India is testing smart tire is designed to alert the driver of the weakness in the tires can lead to explosion or deflated tires before they happen

Anti deflated car tire


Flat tire is not only annoying but also dangerous when you are driving a car at high speed. You will not have to worry, if the car is equipped with Run-flat tire - Tire resistant deflated.